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The show was a success in various UK and Ireland tours as well and went down particularly well in Glasgow.

But in the early days it had never been to London. There was a marked absence of stuff for middle aged and older women and that was where my heart was, despite being a younger man in my 40s.

The Real Mrs Brown

I thought that it was strange anomaly because middle aged and older women are the mass audience in TV. So, when two friends one of whom was Rab C Nesbitt creator Ian Pattison individually and separately recommended he go and see this funny little Mrs Brown show, McCrum went, he admits a little reluctantly.

And he was bowled over. Occasionally in life you get these moments where you get really, really lucky and that was one of those moments. McCrum knew he had a hit on his hands — and then started the painful task of persuading the BBC to commission it.

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But McCrum said he knew that the show was fully formed and his faith in it was unwavering and the BBC was persuaded to shoot a pilot in A lot of this character and the world comes from this. But when we got him, we got all the supporting characters and all the relationships and that made it so much easier. It was there, fully-formed.

'Sharp as a razor', 'no shrinking violet' and Labour's first female TD: Meet the real Mrs Brown

By the time we got it on it was nearly 20 years of developing characters and the jokes. With episode one we just filleted what was there already. A lot of things came together in a random way and instantly gelled and worked.

It is, in many ways, the comedy that the comedy world forgot — broad belly laugh humour that is quite unfashionable. The BBC love it because it delivers. They have all been wonderfully kind to everyone they meet and are totally unique — an amazing family and what an achievement. NBC nearly signed up to a series fairly recently, but according to sources familiar with the negotiations the sticking point was the family — NBC wanted to cast other roles and he was having none of it.

The Real Mrs Brown Book

Brendan O'Carroll, the creator of smash-hit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys , was once arrested on suspicion of murder, according to the comedian's new biography. Police took the Irish comedian into custody after the death of his former business partner, Kevin Moore, who had previously cheated O'Carroll by running out on the pub they co-owned while he was on holiday.

The revelations are made in Brian Beacom's authorised biography of O'Carroll, titled The Real Mrs Brown , which charts his rise from bankruptcy to stardom after turning to comedy. He was declared bankrupt after being forced to close the business.

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O'Carroll admits that, having discovered Moore's whereabouts, he sought out his business partner a few months later to settle the issue. However, three years on, when Moore was found hanged after being diagnosed with Aids, authorities focused on O'Carroll and arrested him the following day.