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Defamed by treachery and set ashore, Kydd's only solace is the friendship of Nicholas Renzi.

Rescue and trouble in the sea. Adventures of an old Seadog ep,61

Together they begin to eke out a dismal existence on Guernsey. Desperation leads Renzi to become involved in covert operations, while Kydd accepts the captaincy of the privateer Bien Heureuse, launching a new venture.

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Even as Kydd takes the privateer to sea, he has hopes of clearing his name and restoring his career in the navy he loves. After an unsuccessful voyage, investors pull their financial support and Kydd is beached once again - until a shady character from his recent past appears with a fat purse and a proposition. Once again, Kydd finds himself engaged in privateering, this time in command of the wicked Witch of Sarnia, a low and rakish black hulled vessel, built especially for the trade and fitted out to his specifications.

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Stockwin paints vivid word pictures of early nineteenth-century life ashore and at sea in the Channel Islands, based on time spent there in preparation for this latest chapter in the Kydd saga. This is his forte. He 'lives' in the time about which he writes, breathing life into his characters, revealing their world layer by layer. In "The Privateer's Revenge", Thomas Kydd suffers the loss of his beloved and struggles to right himself, while dealing with a betrayal which seems to be out of his control or understanding.

Kydd's mettle and ability to cope appeals as the author continues to develop his character.

The Privateer's Revenge

Stockwin steeps his tale in surging seas, powder smoke, and the smell of canvas and tarred rigging. He writes evocatively of shipboard routine, the panic and confusion of combat, and the terrifying approach of a storm at sea, and he knows how to stage enthralling action scenes. Help Centre.

My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Meanwhile Kydd's friend and confidential secretary, Nicholas Renzi, has assumed a new and dangerous role that he can never make public. He engineers a coup in the Topkapi Palace that turns the tables on the French but at the cost of both infidel nations being ejected from the Ottoman Empire. When Kydd learns of Renzi's incarceration in a Turkish prison, he knows if will take superb seamanship and sheer bravado to free his friend. Julian Stockwin is a retired teacher and educational psychologist, and a former lieutenant commander of the Royal Navy Reserve.

He is the author of the Kydd Sea Adventures series.

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The Privateer's Revenge by Julian Stockwin (Paperback / softback, 2009)

See more. In the King's Name. Alexander Kent. Filled with high-seas intrigue and sharp tensions, this nautical novel takes an intense voyage into the heart of Napoleonic-era Africa. The year is and Captain Adam Bolitho has been sent on an urgent but risky mission to make a fast passage from Plymouth to Freetown, West Africa, with secret orders for the senior officer stationed there.

Due to the slave trade being declared illegal, ships in every harbor are waiting to be scrapped and officers have been cut loose without hope of future commands, thus Adam soon finds himself the object of envy and jealousy. In Africa he discovers unexpected allies and faces an enemy far more powerful and ruthless than any he has known before. A Ship for the King.

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Richard Woodman. The thrilling maritime adventures of Kit Faulkner begin in a new series set against the backdrop of the English Civil War. Bristol, England, Kit Faulkner is a young vagrant orphan, but his life changes forever at the age of sixteen when two gentlemen, one a former privateer, Sir Henry Mainwaring, spot his potential and he is taken aboard their merchant ship to be trained for a life at sea.

As he rises through the ranks, eventually captaining his own ship, he risks all in encounters with pirates and French corsairs. Meanwhile, England edges ever closer to civil war, and very soon Kit must choose which side he will fight for. Julian Stockwin. As the captain of a useful frigate, Thomas Kydd is claimed by the Leeward Islands station, exchanging the harsh situation in South America for the warmth and delights of the Caribbean.

It's a sea change for Kydd, who revisits the places and people that figured in his time as a young seaman.

Some are nostalgic and pleasing, while others bring challenges of a personal nature. In Europe, Napoleon is triumphant on land, but so far away in the Caribbean, Kydd and the others feel secure and make the most of running down prizes and sending off fat convoys of sugar to England. But, in a stroke of genius, Bonaparte finds a way to take revenge for Trafalgar and shocks Kydd out of complacency when an element from his past returns and Kydd is accused of murder.

In a stroke of irony, it is that same past that may just provide Kydd the means to clear his name. For King or Commonwealth.

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