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All good signs. Just got to get close enough, put down some doggy treats, and pop the lasso over his neck. Graveyards might give other people the willies, but not me, oh no.


This is obviously a private moment. Please do accept my condolences for your loss. Poor chap. Mind has obviously been disturbed by grief. Goodness, at uni during the Harry Potter years there were tonnes of them. What is he doing? Reading to a tombstone?

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Poor chap looks little more than a kid. Reading a story to his poor lost mother? Still the Reaper comes for us all. Bigger than A4, leather bound, metal clasps, gilded lettering, and obviously old. Is that Akkadian script on the cover?

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Dang it, that book must be worth a fortune. It should be in the restricted section of the university library. Yes, Akkadian, definitely. What is he trying to do? Raise the dead? No, hang in there Steven. First thing first and the second thing second. Where did that big grey mutt go?

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Damn this failing light. Shadows big enough to hide an elephant in.

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Here boy! Shitting hell! A dog walking on two legs. Well mercy me, now I have seen everything. Well done boy. Wait … you can leave that kid in the wizard robes alone thank you very much. The earth shakes like Atlas himself is trying to shrug it off and I fall to one knee. Got to use my lasso stick to stop me falling flat on my face. Right in front of me, the marble angel snaps at the base and topples toward me.

Just jinked out the way in time. Funny how the mind plays tricks at a moment like this. The earthquake settles leaving folds in the earth on the newer graves. Flowers are tossed aside. Candles in jars fall and shatter on the pavement. I just cannot believe or disbelieve this moment. Hands … boney hands … or just hands of bones are reaching up out of the ruptured earth. And the dead are rising. Twenty of them! Fifty of them!

Maybe a hundred! A bloody elaborate prank. I get myself back on my feet, tuck my pole under my arm and start to applaud.

The Dogcatcher

Calls may include requests for help with wild animals, dangerous animals or animals in distress. Animal control services may be provided by the government or through a contract with a humane society or society for the prevention of cruelty to animals no relation to national organizations with similar names. Officers may work with police departments, parks and recreation departments, and health departments by confining animals or investigating animal bites to humans.

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Rescued animals may be returned to their owners or transported to veterinary clinic or animal shelter. Animals held in the shelter can be returned to their owners, adopted, released to the wild, held as evidence in a criminal investigation or euthanized.

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S - The availability of training and popularization of the job through television shows has brought increasing opportunities to the field. This arrangement is becoming more common throughout the United States, accordingly offering greater compensation. Due to FBI profilers finding an association between cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence, some animal cruelty investigators are specially trained police officers and many domestic violence shelters include sheltering for animals through animal control agencies and suggest protective orders for pet animals for victims seeking services.

Source: Animal control officer. The difference between western Europe and southern and eastern Europe, is that countries in the West, hardly have any abandoned or homeless animals - not counting the cats, who unfortunately are found throughout Europe. The difference for companion animal welfare between these European countries, points of the compass, is like night and day. Western Europe, has for centuries, a strong culture to take care of their companion animals in a good way - in many countries and schools are animal welfare in the school education - children learn early that animals shall be treated with respect, which then lives on in the adult life.

Strong laws also protect the animals and citizens and authorities broadly follows these laws.

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Citizens of Western Europe, has no understanding or knowledge, that there are still countries in Europe - which some also are member states of the EU - that have abandoned, homeless and stray animals - that can be counted in hundreds of thousands and even millions homeless souls. A dog catcher in eastern and southern Europe may be an employee of or a contractor to a municipality. The dogs caught often brutal and it happens many times that the dog gets hurt or die in the process.

The t he surviving dogs are then taken to the municipal enclosure , without veterinary care. Injured and sick dogs are left to their fate in the enclosure and are often bullied and shooed away by the other dogs, and will then be without water and food, if there is any. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Academic Search Premier. March 13, Com — Animal Cruelty". Retrieved March 17, Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved November 6, Aggression against Cats, Dogs, and People.

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