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His professional experience includes several years as a senior researcher at Internet Security Systems ISS X-Force, and the discovery of a number of high-profile vulnerabilities in ubiquitous Internet software. John McDonald is a senior consultant with Neohapsis, where he specializes in advanced application security assessment across a broad range of technologies and platforms. Justin Schuh is a senior consultant with Neohapsis, where he leads the Application Security Practice. As a senior consultant and practice lead, he performs software security assessments across a range of systems, from embedded device firmware to distributed enterprise web applications.

Prior to his employment with Neohapsis, Justin spent nearly a decade in computer security activities at the Department of Defense DoD and related agencies. Systems security managers, you'll find tools and a framework for structured thinking about what can go wrong. Software developers, you'll appreciate the jargon-free and accessible introduction to this essential skill.

Security professionals, you'll learn to discern changing threats and discover the easiest ways to adopt a structured approach to threat modeling.

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As more software is delivered on the Internet or operates on Internet-connected devices, the design of secure software is absolutely critical. Make sure you're ready with Threat Modeling: Designing for Security. In Thinking Security, author Steven M. Bellovin provides a new way to think about security. He helps you understand security as a systems problem, including the role of the all-important human element, and shows you how to match your countermeasures to actual threats.

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Bellovin, co-author of the best-selling Firewalls and Internet Security, caught his first hackers in Drawing on his deep experience, he shares actionable, up-to-date guidance on issues ranging from SSO and federated authentication to BYOD, virtualization, and cloud security. Perfect security is impossible.

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Thinking Security will help you do just that. Hackers have. In this book, renowned fuzzing experts show you how to use fuzzing to reveal weaknesses in your software before someone else does. Fuzzing is the first and only book to cover fuzzing from start to finish, bringing disciplined best practices to a technique that has traditionally been implemented informally. The authors begin by reviewing how fuzzing works and outlining its crucial advantages over other security testing methods. Next, they introduce state-of-the-art fuzzing techniques for finding vulnerabilities in network protocols, file formats, and web applications; demonstrate the use of automated fuzzing tools; and present several insightful case histories showing fuzzing at work.

Coverage includes:. Attackers are already using fuzzing. You should, too. Cyber Security Engineering is the definitive modern reference and tutorial on the full range of capabilities associated with modern cyber security engineering. Pioneering software assurance experts Dr. Nancy R. Mead and Dr. Carol C.

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  8. Woody bring together comprehensive best practices for building software systems that exhibit superior operational security, and for considering security throughout your full system development and acquisition lifecycles. Drawing on their pioneering work at the Software Engineering Institute SEI and Carnegie Mellon University, Mead and Woody introduce seven core principles of software assurance, and show how to apply them coherently and systematically. Using these principles, they help you prioritize the wide range of possible security actions available to you, and justify the required investments.

    Cyber Security Engineering guides you through risk analysis, planning to manage secure software development, building organizational models, identifying required and missing competencies, and defining and structuring metrics. Mead and Woody address important topics, including the use of standards, engineering security requirements for acquiring COTS software, applying DevOps, analyzing malware to anticipate future vulnerabilities, and planning ongoing improvements.

    This book will be valuable to wide audiences of practitioners and managers with responsibility for systems, software, or quality engineering, reliability, security, acquisition, or operations. Whatever your role, it can help you reduce operational problems, eliminate excessive patching, and deliver software that is more resilient and secure. Next, they show you ways to customize software debugging tools to test the unique aspects of any program and then analyze the results to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Each is backed by concrete examples. For this third edition, more than half the content is new, including added chapters on managing resources and using templates.

    Topics from the second edition have been extensively revised to reflect modern design considerations, including exceptions, design patterns, and multithreading. For this second edition, more than half the content is new and updated, including coverage of the latest hacker techniques for scanning networks, gaining and maintaining access, and preventing detection. The authors walk you through each attack and demystify every tool and tactic.

    If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. A curated list of resources for learning about application security.


    Contains books, websites, blog posts, and self-assessment quizzes. Maintained by Paragon Initiative Enterprises with contributions from the application security and developer communities. We also have other community projects which might be useful for tomorrow's application security experts. If you are an absolute beginner to the topic of software security, you may benefit from reading A Gentle Introduction to Application Security.

    Please refer to the contributing guide for details. A post on Crackstation , a project by Defuse Security. Running a business requires being cost-conscious and minimizing unnecessary spending. The benefits of ensuring in the security of your application are invisible to most companies, so often times they neglect to invest in secure software development as a cost-saving measure.

    What these companies don't realize is the potential cost both financial and to brand reputation a preventable data compromise can incur. Investing more time and personnel to develop secure software is, for most companies, worth it to minimize this unnecessary risk to their bottom line. Securing DevOps explores how the techniques of DevOps and Security should be applied together to make cloud services safer.

    This introductory book reviews state of the art practices used in securing web applications and their infrastructure, and teaches you techniques to integrate security directly into your product. The first part of a three part book series providing broad and in-depth coverage on what web developers and architects need to know in order to create robust, reliable, maintainable and secure software, networks and other, that are delivered continuously, on time, with no nasty surprises.

    The second part of a three part book series providing broad and in-depth coverage on what web developers and architects need to know in order to create robust, reliable, maintainable and secure software, VPS, networks, cloud and web applications, that are delivered continuously, on time, with no nasty surprises. Be sure to check out the lectures! A lot of complex technical content is covered very quickly as students are introduced to a wide variety of complex and immersive topics over thirteen weeks.

    A series of programming exercises for teaching oneself cryptography by Matasano Security. The introduction by Maciej Ceglowski explains it well. PentesterLab provides free Hands-On exercises and a bootcamp to get started. With several options to get up and running fast. Blog of cryptographic company that makes open-source libraries and tools, and describes practical data security approaches for applications and infrastructures. Provides guidelines for improving software security through secure coding. Covers common programming languages and libraries, and focuses on concrete recommendations.

    An introduction to developing secure applications targeting version 4. NET Framework, specifically covering cryptography and security engineering topics. Hands-on and abundant with source code for a practical guide to Securing Node.

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    Learn from the team that spearheaded the Node Security Project. Most of the content is sourced from the book series Kim has been working on for several years.

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    More info can be found here. Though this article is a few years old, much of its advice is still relevant as we veer around the corner towards PHP 7. A human-readable overview of commonly misused cryptography terms and fundamental concepts, with example code in PHP. Discusses the importance of end-to-end network-layer encryption HTTPS as well as secure encryption for data at rest, then introduces the specific cryptography tools that developers should use for specific use cases, whether they use libsodium , Defuse Security's secure PHP encryption library , or OpenSSL.

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    D in Applied Cryptography to build a secure web application. Enter libsodium, which allows developers to develop fast, secure, and reliable applications without needing to know what a stream cipher even is. Symmetric-key encryption library for PHP applications. Recommended over rolling your own! Permissively MIT licensed. A secure authentication and authorization library that implements Role-Based Access Controls and Paragon Initiative Enterprises' recommendaitons for secure "remember me" checkboxes.

    Lists standard library features that should be avoided, and references sections of other chapters that are Python-specific. Violent Python shows you how to move from a theoretical understanding of offensive computing concepts to a practical implementation. A guide to secure Ruby development by the Fedora Security Team.

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