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Table of Contents Preface 1. Author Bryan Costales. Pages Publisher O'Reilly Media. Language English. ISBN Media Book. Format Paperback.

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DEWEY Now in its third edition, this best-selling reference will help you master the most demanding version of sendmail yet. The new edition of sendmail has been completely revised to cover sendmail 8. Because the latest version of sendmail differs so significantly from earlier versions, a massive rewrite of this best-selling reference was called for.

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The book begins by guiding you through the building and installation of sendmail and its companion programs, such as vacation and makemap. These additional programs are pivotal to sendmail's daily operation.

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Next, you'll cover the day-to-day administration of sendmail. This section includes two entirely new chapters, "Performance Tuning" to help you make mail delivery as efficient as possible, and "Handling Spam" to deal with sendmail's rich anti-spam features. The next section of the book tackles the sendmail configuration file and debugging. And finally, the book wraps up with five appendices that provide more detail about sendmail than you may ever need.

Altogether, versions 8. With sendmail , Third Edition in hand, you will be able to configure this challenging but necessary utility for whatever needs your system requires.

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This much anticipated revision is essential reading for sendmail administrators. Bryan Costales. Some Basics. Part I. While today's Internet architecture is based on bit wide addresses, the new version has bit technology available for addressing. Thanks to the enlarged address space, workarounds like NAT don't have to be used anymore.

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When mentioning mobile devices and IP, it's important to note that a special protocol is needed to support mobility, and implementing this protocol -- called "Mobile IP" -- is one of the requirements for every IPv6 stack. Thus, if you have IPv6 going, you have support for roaming between different networks, with global notification when you leave one network and enter the other one.

Support for roaming is possible with IPv4 too, but there are a number of hoops that need to be jumped in order to get things working.

With IPv6, there's no need for this, as support for mobility was one of the design requirements for IPv6. Besides support for mobility, security was another requirement for the successor to today's Internet Protocol version. As a result, IPv6 protocol stacks are required to include IPsec. IPsec allows authentication, encryption, and compression of IP traffic.

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