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Low lying alluvial basins, where wetlands and wandering streams occurred, were dramatically altered to optimize arable land and drained to expedite runoff. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, dams are found in all but one watershed, all major alluvial valleys and wetlands have been drained, diked, and remnant wetlands isolated from streams. This area is characterized by flood control and land expansion projects leading to stream encroachment and stream simplification into straight, incised, re-vetted, and channels subject to flash flooding, where sediment resources are unnaturally and frequently mobile and habitat is depleted.

Significant effort has been expended to improve compromised channels by removing passage barriers at road crossings, and adding cover and structure to the streams to increase complexity. Scientists have only recently found that salmonid growth and population abundance are regulated by wetland food resources. Indeed the persistent steelhead populations are found downstream from dams in 'tailwater' habitats, and the last wild coho salmon populations are found in watersheds where functioning wetlands persist e.

Salmonid Fisheries: Freshwater Habitat Management

Green Valley Creek and the Atascadero wetland complex. Historic reconstructions of freshwater habitats document that wetlands and vast seasonal floodplains were common valley landscapes prior to Anglo development. Skip to Main Content. How do I? The general ecology of beavers Castor spp. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 10 , Danell, K. Introductions of aquatic rodents: lessons of the muskrat Ondatra zibethicus invasion.

Wildlife Biology 2, Dryburgh, A. Einum, S.

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The spatial scale of competition from recruits on an older cohort in Atlantic salmon. Oecologia , 4 , Elliott, J. Quantitative ecology and the brown trout.

Oxford: Oxford University Press. A functional model for maximum growth of Atlantic salmon parr, Salmo salar , from two populations in northwest England. Functional Ecology , 11 5 , Elmeros, M. Monitoring of reintroduced beavers Castor fiber in Denmark. Lutra, 46, Finstad, A.

Freshwater habitat requirements of Atlantic salmon pp. Gardiner, R. Scottish Fisheries Publication. Gauld, N.

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Reduced flow impacts salmonid smolt emigration in a river with low-head weirs. Science of the total environment , , Gaywood, M. European beaver. Version 1. In the Species Action Framework Handbook. Scottish Natural Heritage, Battleby, Perth. Gowans, A. Ecology of Freshwater Fish , 12 3 , Gurney, W. Process-based modelling of decadal trends in growth, survival, and smolting of wild salmon Salmo salar parr in a Scottish upland stream.

Salmonid Fisheries Freshwater Habitat Management

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 65 12 , Hartman, G. Influence of watercourse depth and width on dam-building behaviour of Eurasian beaver Castor fiber. Effects of brown trout on habitat use by Atlantic salmon parr: controlled investigations in a laboratory stream. In: P. Jonsson, N. Journal of Animal Ecology , 67 5 , Ecology of Freshwater Fish , 17 1 , Kemp, P. Qualitative and quantitative effects of reintroduced beavers on stream fish. Fish and Fisheries 13 , Maitland, P. Freshwater fishes of the British Isles Vol.

Harper Collins. Malcolm, I.

Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring

The influence of riparian woodland on stream temperatures: implications for the performance of juvenile salmonids. Hydrological processes , 22 7 , Mitchell, S. Stream flow, salmon and beaver dams: roles in the structuring of stream fish communities within an anadromous salmon dominated stream. Journal of Animal Ecology , 76 6 , Museth, J. The history of the minnow Phoxinus phoxinus L.

Journal of Fish Biology , 71 sd , Nislow, K. Favorable foraging locations for young Atlantic salmon: application to habitat and population restoration. Ecological Applications , 9 3 , Pollock, M. Using beaver dams to restore incised stream ecosystems.

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BioScience , 64 4 ,