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If you are designing an application or device driver that addresses hardware, you should also consult Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware , second edition. Availability: Click below to obtain Inside Macintosh: Devices in any of the following formats. Visit the Apple Store online or at retail locations.

All rights reserved. The Active Window. The most important window at any given time is always frontmost.

Newly-created windows are usually brought to the front. Read Free For 30 Days. Inside Macintosh - Volume 1 []. Description: Inside Macintosh - Volume 1 []. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Figure 2. Wherever an. All meaningful interaction between a Macintosh and its. No other. The Mouse. The mouse. A pointer. Simply moving. The purpose of. It is compact and lightweight;. Mouse Actions. Pressing an object. For example,. Beginning a drag. Beginning a. Clicking, Pressing,. The guilty underta. The fonesorne organ grinder cries.

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This specification's. Document Windows. Macintosh is intended. Familiarity means that. Command invocation;.

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As the keyboard. The working environment, which we call the desk top; and. On the continuum between pure concept and pure object, each. The desk top, group: users documents, will see. There are three general classifications for files: those. Only one. Documents are the.

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Such tools. All volumes were designed to be read together; no information was repeated. Shortly after this, Apple revamped the entire Inside Macintosh series, breaking it into volumes according to the functional area discussed, rather than specific machine models or capabilities. In this form, the series was far more coherent and a much better reference for programmers.

As new functionality was added to the classic Mac OS , a new volume could be written without invalidating those published earlier, in contrast to the first series, which became increasingly out of date over time. In the late s, Apple ceased to publish Inside Macintosh as a printed book, instead making it available as a CD-ROM at least since [3] , and online. Since then, the CD variant has been phased out, though Apple developers can still receive online documentation as part of the developer CDs.

In its online form, the information is much easier to maintain, but some developers still prefer a printed format. Bruce F.