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In addition to that, you are also only billed for the resources you actually end up using. This can be a better solution than paying a fixed price for a dedicated server of which you never use the whole capacity. This type of setup is also good for security reasons, particularly DDoS attacks. In those types of hacks, the server is overwhelmed by a myriad of parallel requests until it crashes.

In a cloud network, you can spread those requests among many different computer and mitigate their effect much better than on any single-server system. The main downside of cloud hosting is that costs are not always fully predictable. Many cloud hosting providers work with a mix of fixed pricing and pay-as-you-go fees. In case you experience traffic spikes this can increase your cost considerably. While that usually also means you are earning better and can therefore take the costs, it is something to keep in mind.

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Cloud systems are great if you want to be able to scale your website a lot further than traditional systems. In the future, it will likely replace shared and dedicated options as technology becomes more advanced. Many companies are replacing their regular system with cloud based VPS anyway simply because of the benefits it offers to them as well.

So, even if you go for simple VPS, you might be using cloud hosting without knowing. Choosing a hosting package can be pretty difficult and takes a lot of consideration. However, the first step is understanding the different types of hosting available to you.

How To Create A Web Hosting Business With Wordpress - WHMCS Tutorial

Hopefully this article has given you the background to do that. Only if you already know that your site has needs that shared hosting can not fulfill should you look into other options from the get-go. Once you have made a decision, it makes sense to look at a bunch of companies. I recommend checking our top rated hosts to find the best ones. Then take a look at any additional features you need.

Hosting services:

At the end of the process you should have favorites at which point it will boil down to personal preference. Perhaps a short talk with support — to gauge their helpfulness — will go a long way. Need further reading on web hosting? Read this handy explanation from WebsiteSetup. Also, you might want to look into things like where to register domain name and options for website builder to create your site.

Either Dedicated or Cloud hosting. You could get in touch with the host you plan to use and confirm it with their support that they can meet your requirements just to be safe. I really enjoyed this insight.

Shared and Reseller Web Hosting key differences

I like to use the link for my soon to be web hosting customers to give them a feel on what to choose from and what is perfect for them as a private owner, or a small web hosting company. I myself am a novice to hosting. I had one years ago, but gave up on it. I am now recreating it again as the years become more easier and many are looking to have a place to call home so to speak. I currently run a VPS hosting server and from this I will be operating my business of small personal website hosting and possible business depending the size the person is wanting.

I in the past had a dedicated server and back in the day it was pretty reasonable. If I gain more customers in the future I may end up purchasing one again. Thanks again Mr Stevens, you have given me the insight of what I needed to know. Steve, You have given pretty much detailed overview of different types of hosting. I myself using cloudways cloud hosting for managing DigitalOcean and Linode servers.

You can deploy the complete stack with only one click. Very explanatory, so vivid. I was researching to find the best hosting plan for my new e commerce site. Thank goodness I clicked on this post. Thanks a lot for the clear explanation. Great explanations about the different types of hosting. I had a idea of how each one worked but this clarified a lot of missing points!

27+ Best Web Hosting Services of (Compared and Reviewed)

Now I know understand the difference between them, I want to build a website like Udemy. I think there will be to 10, students. Now I know where I need to be both in terms of my clients and myself. Thank you! Thank you for the information. I want to host around 5 WordPress sites. What is the best hosting to use according to your expertise please? Look for A2 Hosting or SiteGround for example, both are decent. Is shared hosting sufficient or do I need something more powerful? I think when you are starting to see — visits a day then you should be thinking about upgrading your hosting preferably to dedicated hosting.

Great post on the different types of hosting HostingFacts Team, For those that need a more visual explaination based on tech knowledge and other aspects, check the following infographic. Thanks a ton for the insights. In the first year my website only generated 40, pageviews — shared hosting was more than enough and still is — for me. Your email address will not be published. All clear so far? Shared Hosting — Best for Beginners Shared hosting is exactly what it sounds like.

Pros The biggest advantage of this option is that you also share the cost of server with many people. Cons Sharing the server with many parties, however, is also the biggest downside of this arrangement. Who is it for? Pros VPS is a lot more reliable and stable than shared hosting. Who is It For? Dedicated Hosting — For the Big Leagues AS the name already suggests, dedicated hosting simply means this: you have a server all for yourself.

Pros First of all, one of the main advantages of dedicated hosting is that it negates all bad neighbor issues simply because there are none. Cons Of course, this kind of setup comes with a cost. Pros One of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting is scalability. Cons The main downside of cloud hosting is that costs are not always fully predictable. HostingFacts Team July 5, at pm. Not a Pro May 12, at am. Jeyhun November 21, at pm. What type of hosting should I choose for video courses website like Udemy? HostingFacts Team December 3, at pm.

I recommend getting a dedicated web hosting. Shahroze Nawaz November 24, at pm.

Abrahim Ikasud

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Try to portray a simple yet comprehensive portfolio of your services. Links should be clear and the text should make sense to ordinary people who have limited knowledge of web hosting. One of your main selling points would be your web hosting plans. The amount of disk space and bandwidth allotted for a given price will totally depend upon your business plan and specifically your target market. If you want to start a budget hosting company then your web hosting plans and pricing should reflect that. Similarly premier web hosting should reflect respective pricing.

A good explanation on the website always helps the potential visitor to make the right decision. You can have hosting plans and then again just one and make no difference on sales. The difference should be in terms of their pricing, quotas, type and effectiveness. You would need two basic things to begin billing and managing your clients: payment processor and client management script.

For US residents, it is easy to get a merchant account if you are over 18 and maintain a US bank account. Besides Paypal there are other ways to bill your clients. Fees for 2checkout revolves around 5. Most merchant accounts charge around 2. Additionally, it can take several days, if not weeks, to get it up and running. You can contact your bank to get a merchant account or any one of these recommended sites below.

Please note that these sites take clients from the US which means that you have to be a US resident to take advantage of their services. There are many client managers available. You have the option to lease them on a monthly basis or buy the owned license for a high-priced one-time fee. Here is the list of the popular ones out there.

Being a reseller you will not have to worry about managing your server. This is the job of your reseller web host. While this thought may provide some relief, you also need to remember that there is something more important than just providing web space on a web server. It is called service.

go to link Although dependent upon your business plan and resources, it has been found that online help desk support is probably the fastest and most efficient way of providing technical support to your web hosting clients. This may not be universally true but it does apply to most of the web hosting companies on the Internet today. A more direct approach is to provide support through phone which can, of course, increase the overhead costs; however, if your resources allow you to do this then it acts as an excellent plus point over the ones that are unable to provide it.

You can provide support through.

Adding tutorials and a proper knowledge base helps in reducing the number of tickets that are quite common for example: How do I update my credit card? How do I change my password? How do I setup email in Outlook? You get the picture?