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The Judiciary III. Public Opinion and the News Media Political Parties and Interest Groups Elections, Campaigns, and Voting IV. Social and Economic Policy See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. B develop a looser league of friendship among the states. C risk potential charges of treason. D muzzle Benjamin Franklin. E establish an American "monarchy. Charles Beard argues that the men in Philadelphia were A all patriots who had fought in the war. B largely farmers who favored existing arrangements. C worried that slavery was having a negative impact on trade relations with other nations.

D concerned with establishing a direct democracy. E concerned that the Articles failed to protect the interests of the business class. Congress is a byproduct of which of the following proposals? B a powerful national government. C a judiciary elected directly by the people. D a one-house legislature composed of representatives elected by state legislatures.

E strengthening, but not rewriting, the Articles of Confederation. The plan was presented by A Rhode Island. B New Jersey. C Texas. D Virginia. E Delaware. B judicial power. C westward expansion. D taxation. E creating a Supreme Court. A bicameral legislature II.

Three branches of government III. Supremacy of the national government IV. Giving the U. A It would ensure that slaves would receive certain inalienable rights. B Northerners were advocating for the deportation of slave labor. C It would increase southern representation in the House of Representatives. D Slaves could then be forced to serve in the military. E The South would then have a greater number of voters. Skill: Analysis 28 The Three-Fifths Compromise was a deal to A iron out the differences between slave-holding and non-slave-holding states.

B give northern and southern states equal representation in the House of Representatives. C determine how a chief executive would be selected. D iron out differences between greatly populated and sparsely populated states.

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E ultimately create the Electoral College. B the slave trade. C election of the legislature. D the executive branch.

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E small-state representation in the Senate. B state legislatures. C Supreme Court. D federal court system. E Senate. B Rousseau. C Montesquieu. D Voltaire. E Locke. B pluralism. C separation of powers. D compromise. E gridlock. This division of power is an example of A federalism. B as enumerated in the Constitution. C to approve presidential appointments. D under the power to tax clause. E to make the federal budget.

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B the Constitution prohibits those who are not natural-born citizens from running for the presidency. C voters are likely to be suspicious of his motives as a naturalized citizen. D he first would have to serve in Congress for fourteen years. E he does not meet the age requirement to be president. B allow foreign-born citizens to run for president. C repeal age requirements for holding certain political positions. D create a presidential recall. E allow members of Congress to also serve as state governors.

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Supreme Court justices are appointed by the A president. B Cabinet. C states. D House of Representatives. B no state may coin its own currency.

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C states generally honor the laws and rulings of other states. D federal courts have the right to resolve issues of state law. E all fifty states create a republican form of government. B sovereign immunity. C checks and balances. D the full faith and credit clause. E federalism. B Democratic-Republicans. C Anti-Federalists. D Tories. E Federalists. B amendments. C strong central government. D checks and balances. E separation of powers. B the Federalists were generally elitist, while the Anti-Federalists were common men.

D the Federalists favored centralized government, while the Anti-Federalists favored decentralized government. B the Anti-Federalist amendments. C the Bill of Rights. Madison's Mistake. E the confederation amendments.

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