Manual Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Netherlands Antilles

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I believe the volume readily fulfils the editor's hope that it will not only provide readers with ''information on specific Caribbean countries, but, more importantly, stimulate debates, discussions, and research that inspires all to examine education in the 'local' context".

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Murray Thomas, International Review of Education. It draws upon locally grounded research and insightful theoretical analyses.

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In doing so, this book plays a valuable role in bringing the perspectives and experience of small states into the international arena. Exceptionally enlightening and interesting, it eschews many of our cultural ethnocentric misconceptions — a boon for the notion of cultural relativity.

Policy-makers, practitioners, academics, general readers — and politicians — will want and ought to have their personal copy.

Twenty-two valuable research essays by experts from a wide range of countries discuss how the societies of the Commonwealth Caribbean and Netherlands Antilles made significant gains, after colonialism, in modernizing education. Some essays also critique current barriers to progress as well as recommend reform, providing a welcome stimulus to debate and further research. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

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By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. This survey provides a general overview of current activities and issues related to ICT use in education in individual Caribbean countries and territories. It focuses on the region's small island developing states SIDS so as to maximize understanding of areas of commonality in terms of scale, economic factors, and other conditions.

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The study addresses:. Regional trends - Broad factors conditioning ICT use in education in the region; trends in connectivity, maintenance and other program areas; challenges commonly cited by respondents; barriers to technology integration; e-waste disposal. The preliminary data presented here, drawn from a quick survey process conducted in , should be regarded as illustrative rather than exhaustive.

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