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It's made me—I don't how to put it in words—it's made me not want to be out. It's like people are whispering behind our backs. The Almonds' son tried to go to the police to confess ownership of the marijuana, according to the lawsuit, but the local district attorney continued to pursue prosecution against the couple. On February 22, more than a year after the initial raid, a local grand jury returned an indictment against Greg and Teresa Almond for two misdemeanor charges: unlawful possession of marijuana for personal use and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, thus violating "the peace and dignity of Alabama.

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The Almonds attorney in their civil suit, Mike Segrest, says the misdemeanor charges show that the use of civil asset forfeiture, which is supposed to require law enforcement to show a "nexus" between the seized property and criminal activity, was wholly inappropriate. The Randolph County Sheriff's Department directed a request for comment to Webb and Ely, a law firm representing the department in the Almond lawsuit.

The firm declined to comment, citing ongoing litigation. Greg has found work as a handyman. He says he has a constant roaring in one of his ears and vision problems as a result of the flashbang, and his wife constantly worries that the police will show back up to plant evidence on their property, even though she knows it's irrational. And it's made him look differently at the local police, many of whom he had known for years prior to the raid. My heart just pounds seeing them.

Scott Shackford 9. Elizabeth Nolan Brown 9. Robby Soave 9. Eric Boehm 9. Liz Wolfe 9. Free Speech.

A Texas Cop Shot and Killed a Black Woman Outside of Her Apartment Complex

It took a jury 26 minutes to decide that Jonathan Vanderhagen wasn't guilty. Zuri Davis 9. This vote is "a hopeful sign that the harmful policies of marijuana prohibition will soon be a relic of the past. Jacob Sullum 9. Perhaps the most radical aspect of the new Walmart Heath clinic? Consumers will know exactly what each service costs. Climate Change.

Woman Shot by Police Officer in Baytown, Texas

Her future—and that of the planet—hasn't been "stolen" and the best way forward is through serious policy discussion, not histrionics. Nick Gillespie 9. Gun Control. The Texas senator wants to beef up a background check system that unjustly and irrationally deprives people of their rights. Do you care about free minds and free markets?

Sign up to get the biggest stories from Reason in your inbox every afternoon. Search for:. How much leeway do the producers give the police in terms of crafting their own message?

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Taberski and his team spent 18 months searching for the answers to those questions. What they found, and present in the six episodes of Running From Cops , is utterly mind-blowing. The most important discovery was that Cops gives police departments editorial control of the show.

In addition to interviewing the creators of Cops , talking to suspects who had been on the show, speaking with police officers who were on the show, and consulting a number of criminal justice experts about the way Cops portrays policing on the show, Taberski and his colleagues watched episodes of Cops.

They collected over 68, data points in order to build statistics about the minutiae of the show, and their findings revealed a number of ways in which police use their collaboration with Cops to send a message.

For instance, 35 percent of the arrests on Cops are drug-related, which is more than three times the real life stats. A handful of disturbing interviews illustrate how Cops both figuratively and literally helped the drug war.

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Even though drug arrests began to finally decline in , Taberski says that drug arrests on Cops have continued to go up. So in season two of the show, 61 percent of the segments end in arrest. In season 30 of the show, which was last year, 95 percent of the segments end in arrest. Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: pamela turner police brutality police killing baytown texas power More. Most Viewed Stories. Best of The Cut.