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It lets network managers confidently integrate commodity internet links into their WANs in addition to, or even instead of, leased line services, increasing bandwidth and potentially lowering costs. Adding broadband also allows for rapid WAN connectivity provisioning for new or temporary business locations and enables IT to add capacity at remote offices at the lowest cost to accommodate growth.

Second is the ability to intelligently and dynamically direct application traffic over the available connections.

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Path selection decisions should be based on the performance requirements of the application in choosing the optimal path across the WAN. This is especially true for cloud-based applications and if the organization has more than one data center. Third is centralized orchestration where configuration and administration of the SD-WAN is tuned and optimized from a single location. Users simply plug in a physical appliance or bring up a virtual appliance and connect it to the WAN service s.

Centralized orchestration and ZTP significantly reduces IT operational costs and more importantly, reduces configuration errors. Several key innovations of the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution enable IT to deliver predictable end-user experiences across the business, optimize performance of cloud-based applications and save money at the same time. While basic SD-WAN technologies provide more WAN connectivity options and the potential to lower WAN costs, they do not mitigate the application performance impacts of latency nor do they increase bandwidth efficiency.

Silver Peak EdgeConnect technologies deliver the highest levels of application performance, Quality of Service QoS and enable application SLAs over any combination of transport services including consumer broadband. Bonded tunnels may be configured from two or more physical WAN links to form a single logical overlay connection.

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As an example, bonded tunnels can be configured with two MPLS connections to create a primary bonded tunnel. In another scenario, a single tunnel logical connection can be configured with an MPLS link and an internet link, even if the speeds of these services are not the same. Depending upon application requirements that are mapped into a virtual WAN overlay policy business intent overlay , EdgeConnect can load share traffic across both physical links or can map data traffic to one and Forward Error Correction FEC packets to the other.

If one link were to fail, the remaining link would continue to carry all the traffic including FEC packets to keep the connection active and the application alive, avoiding any interruption or data loss.

How does WAN Optimization work?

One challenge that an SD-WAN can address is how to best use higher bandwidth internet connections that are often one-tenth of the cost of private line services. In general, internet and also wireless connections are not as reliable as private — but costly — services like MPLS. Internet and wireless links often suffer from packet loss and jitter and are more likely to experience outages. Silver Peak Forward Error Correction reconstructs lost packets which avoids TCP re-transmissions, substantially increasing the effective performance of broadband links.

The ratio of FEC packets to data packets is configurable depending upon the business-criticality and real-time requirements of the application. Packet Order Correction POC algorithms re-order packets that arrive out of order at their destination. With the increasing use of cloud-based SaaS applications and IaaS, secure direct-to-internet traffic steering delivers the highest application performance and minimizes wasted bandwidth resulting from backhauling traffic to the data center.

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  7. However, first-packet application classification is essential to automatically steer trusted SaaS and web traffic directly to the internet for the highest performance, and unknown or suspicious traffic to a regional hub or data center firewall for further security inspection. It adds a cloud-hosted internet map, geolocation database and real-time machine learning to identify more than 10, applications and more than million web domains. This information is continuously updated and automatically downloaded to EdgeConnect appliances.

    In situations where distributed branch offices accessing SaaS over long distances, SaaS optimization dynamically finds the best performing route in real-time to reach applications in the cloud. Different applications have different QoS and end-user experience requirements. For example, voice and video traffic requires zero packet loss and extremely low delay while file transfers need large amounts of bandwidth, but some amount of delay is acceptable.

    Silver Peak enables network managers to define business intent overlays — logical or virtual WAN overlays that reflect application QoS requirements relevant to the business. EdgeConnect maps applications to the appropriate business intent overlay which enables the SD-WAN to optimize routing decisions — automatically. EdgeConnect continuously monitors bonded tunnels and physical WAN links, factoring real-time data about delay, jitter and packet loss to make intelligent routing decisions.

    A Silver Peak SD-WAN solution learns and adapts to optimize and dynamically change paths if necessary based on actual performance with no application disruption. EdgeConnect performs both egress and ingress traffic shaping. IT can program minimum and maximum bandwidth limits on the egress traffic shaping engine per traffic class to ensure no single application consumes all of the WAN bandwidth. Ingress shaping can be programmed to ensure that low-priority traffic does not override higher priority traffic.

    An example is to prevent video streaming or social media applications from compromising the performance of higher-priority business applications. Skip to navigation Press Enter.

    WAN optimization (WAN acceleration)

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